How do you calibrate a Bose 'passive' subwoofer?

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    My brother rented a Bose 'Lifestyle' music and home theater system from a local Aarons rental purchase, it's pro-logic based, comes with five tiny cubes and a passive sub. He wanted me to hook up and calibrate his system for him, but when I was inspecting the sub, I noticed something strange that I didn't know how to set. Unlike your average sub that has two control settings on it, 'Low pass frequency cut off' and 'Level Control', this sub has a 'Bass' and 'Treble' control on it and I have no clue on how to calibrate this type of sub with my sound meter and 'Avia' dvd.
    So I told him to wait a couple of days and told him i'd start a topic on it here, and then set up and calibrate when I know more. So how do I calibrate a sub of this type? Thanks.
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    You cant since its supplying bass for the cubes and is not a LFE channel. The bose lifestyle has theater logic not Dolby anything....even the new ones (digital). Bose is to cheap to license stuff from other companies so no DD or DTS.
    My advise is to play with the bass and treble controls until you find a comfortable level.
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