How do I watch superbowl commercials on my TV

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Rolando, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Hi guys,

    it's 2011 and I still cant figure out how to watch something from the net on my TV other than plugging my PC to my LCD.

    Here is my equipment and tell me if there is something I can do or a software I am missing.

    I have a Gateway PC, decent specs for a 4 year old tower. 1Gb RAM 250Gb HDD etc. Running XP and have wifi. Own a PS3 that has wired High speed internet from router, connected to a Samsung TV.

    I know I can search for the ads online and can likely find them on YOUTUBE or Yahoo but don't want to watch it on my 19" PC LCD. Want to sit in living room with wife and watch on our living room LCD.

    any suggestions?
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    Does the PS3 or TV do YouTube? If so, go there and search for superbowl Ads.

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