How do I use PIP with satellite reception?

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    This is my first post as I just joined today. After reading through your threads, you guys impressed me with your upfront, courteous, and helpful comments.

    So far I've been more of an audio enthusiast, but I'm becoming more interested in the video end and therein lies my question. My current video source has a 2-tuner PIP setup that I use with analog cable. How would this work with satellite? Do I need two dedicated receivers for this one video source? If I need two receivers, can I use another receiver from a different part of the house that is supporting another tv to run my PIP through a radio freq. remote transmitter? Also, what kind of inputs/outputs should I be looking for in a receiver besides an optical out? How effective are the proto/rc5000 remotes in running satellite menus/functions?

    I know I asked for a lot of help. I appreciate any response.
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    Well Jeffry let me see if I can help.
    You can leave the cable connected the same way and still use PIP. To get the sattelite in the mix you need to connect it to another video input 1 or 2 for example.
    You should only need one receiver but if you want to use it to watch more than one sat program at a time you will need another receiver or one with a dual tuner.
    I would suggest using cable and sat together. For example you can watch one game on cable and have the sat in PIP window so all you have to do is swap back and forth. You can also still use another cable channel in the PIP window.
    As far as outputs they are pretty standard RCA,S-Video,digital out are a must. I would use S-video for the best picture quality. If you are looking for a Receiver check out the RCA DRD450, I picked one up yesterday from CC for $80. It has Dolby Digital outputs and all the standard connects good deal. Well thats about it hope I haven't confused you and maybe some else can answer your other questions.
    Later Haywood [​IMG]
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    Another option is the Ultimate TV receiver. It has software based PIP. Or you could put multiple receivers together so you could use PIP and distribute the video to the other TV's.
    Look into the PVR models like DirecTivo or UltimatTV. Minidishes, Expert Satellite, Orbit Communications and Kentucky Satellite (don't know their URL) have deals for new subscribers. Recently the deal was free receiver and free installation but that may have changed.

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