How do I use a Radio Shack SPL meter (sub)?

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    I want to set up the parametric eq in my Behringer 8024 to smooth out the bass. I'm going to buy a Radio Shack spl meter, but I'm not sure which one. Are they basically the same except for the readout? I've seen lots of calibration data for the analog ones, but I'm not sure if the values are valid for both meters.

    How exactly do I use it? In an excellent old post from TV. I read that the compensation numbers posted were only valid for 1/3 octave pink noise. I want to get a finer, more accurate resonse curve than that so I can set up the paremetric eq optimally. The Behringer has a tone generator, that has 1/60 octave steps. I'd like to just step through the whole range from about 16 Hz to 100 Hz in 1/60 steps, but I'm not sure how to compensate the readings for straight tones. Are the numbers I see in TVs post and elsewhere still good? (I'll interpolate linearly between the listed values - that should be close enough)

    BTW, I have a Sunfire Signature sub (the SVS's are too big for my room, and failed the WAF test). I'd sure love to hear the Ultra, and the SS. Should put out some excellent bottom!

    Since I will try crossover points of 60 to 80 Hz, I think I'll leave the main speaks (Revel M20) powered during these measurements, since they will have significant output in this range.


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