How do I remote control my HTPC?

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    Nov 21, 2001
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    I'd like to add a PC with a DVD player to my Denon 5800 receiver / Sanyo XP21N projector combo. But how can I control it with my remote controller? Also, what DVD player and video card are recommended?
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    1) You can control it one of two ways.
    One, buy an IR based keyboard interface and teach your universal remote the quick key commands for various dvd player functions on PC. The major disadvantage is that you can only control the application on top in the windows environment, and have to write keyboard macros to toggle between applications (so, for example, if something were to force its way on top of the DVD player while you're watching- the control-s function normally used to STOP would be sent to this application instead of to the DVD software).
    Two, buy the IRman ir receiver and learn to use GIRDER, a program that allows you to associate IR commands with computer functions. IR man/girder will allow you to map specific remote commands to specific applications- and will allow you to even launch specific applications with remote commands. IR man is completely custom, you can pretty much write girder code to associate any action with any IR command.
    I would suggest that you search on GIRDER, IRman, or Airboard on and start reading.
    2) As far as DVD drives and video cards go- this is not a simple question.
    For video, most people suggest the Radeon based cards for DVD playback, specifically the LE series as they have heat sinks instead of cooling fans (in HTPC, silence is golden!).
    From AVS "best in class":

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