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Jul 9, 2001
Ascend Acoustics CBM 170's
Onkyo 595
Sony DVP 670D
HSU subwoofer
I am standing in Best Buy holding a 6ft pair of AR audio? video cables with an S-Video connection, when I hear, "Can I help You?"
"No," he says, you are hooking a digital DVD player to the Onkyo, so you need this toslink audio cable which is digital, your AR's are analog. Then you must go buy a digital video cable to hook the player to the onkyo.
Then you need to get cables to hook the receiver to your TV for both audio and video.
My old TV has an S-video connection, but what cables will I need to hook the receiver to the TV first for viewing DVD, and then just to watch regular cable TV, if I plan to use the Ascends as my audio speakers for the TV.
Do I need a $49 monster cable to hook up the subwoofer to the Onkyo?
I really can not believe that this is that complicated a thing to do. Can someone please simply it by telling me which or what kind of cables I need to by. I have already bought banana clips and 12 gauge wire to hook the speakers into the Onkyo. I hope I did that correctly.


Dec 18, 2000
1. Best way is to do a direct connection between the dvd player and the tv (for video). Use a s-video cable for this. If you have more than one source that uses s-video, then run them through the receiver. If not, direct is best.
2. For audio, connect either the digital coax or the optical out from the dvd player to the receiver.
3. No you don't. I used one just because it was long enough for what I needed at the time. If you want to use it then that is fine too but you do not need to if you do not want to.

Bill Kane

Feb 5, 2001
One other point regarding (1.)
My TV also has one S-Video connection. DVD connects to amplifier with S-Video; amp's Monitor Out goes to TV with longer piece of S-Video.
This connection allows me to get both amp-remote's and DVD remote's On Screen Display (OCD) on the tv screen while you're watching it. It's worthwhile to me.


Feb 11, 2001
As long as your video quality does not suffer by routing it through the receiver (and you should compare both methods), then it sounds like a good idea if you're using the OSD enough. Alternatively, you could also use a composite video input exclusively for the OSD, if your TV supports it in parallel with the S-Video. Of course, you'd likely have to switch inputs on the TV to toggle between source viewing and OSD viewing. Only you can assess the trade-offs here.
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Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Steven: yes it is confusing. It is confusing because you have CHOICES.
Let me break it down:
VIDEO: Yes, use the SVideo straight from the DVD player to the TV.
AUDIO: Do you have a coaxial-digital output on the DVD player and a coaxial-digital input on the Onkyo? If so, you should buy an ordinary VIDEO cable.
Yes, you are using a Video cable for the digital-coaxial AUDIO connection. This is because the people who wrote the spec WANTED you to find a cheap/common cable for this.
SUB: No, you can use just about any coaxial cable with RCA plugs for the sub. A lot of people go to Radio Shack and buy CATV coax. Then they put "F" connectors on the end, and buy "F-to-RCA" adaptors. This can give you a 25 foot cable for less than $12.
This works great while playing around. But that CATV coax is ugly so once you find the "home" for that sub, you can now buy a nicer-looking cable closer to the correct length. Or you can just cut the CATV coax to fit and put on the connectors. (A lot of people like the MegaCable wires from Radio Shack or the Acoustic Research cables from Home Depot/etc.).
I did the CATV coax trick to put my new sub in the far corner of my room. Later I located it in the corner behind my equipment and I am using a 6 foot Radio Shack audio cable. The sound DID change, but thats because of the sub-placement, not because of the cable.
Hope this helps.

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