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How do I clean handprints off my screen?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Antimony, Dec 28, 2001.

  1. Antimony

    Antimony Auditioning

    Dec 27, 2001
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    First I would like to introduce myself and thank Ronald Epstein for his kind help with registering my username. My name is Antimony Resten, I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, and I love home theater. I have had a JVC NV-55BX4 model rear projection television for many years and I need some advice.

    Lesson #1: Never let your family help you move. They mean well, but now I have handprints on my screen. My kind mother (she meant well) went after the handprints with a terry cloth. Luckily she only scrubbed vertically and didn't actually damage the screen texture as far as I can tell, but now I have a long smear in addition to a few other big handprints. After careful inspection, I don't seem to have any actual scratches to the screen (thank goodness!). Other than these smudges, it needs converging again, which I can handle.

    I need help. I don't want to damage the screen, but it needs cleaning now desperately. I need some advice for how to do this thoroughly but gently so I don't damage the screen texture. Any advice anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

    I am pleased to have found this wonderful forum, and I have been enjoying reading all of the threads.

    Thanks again to Ronald Epstein for his courteous assistance resolving registering my username.


    Antimony Resten
  2. Clinton McClure

    Clinton McClure Casual Enthusiast

    Jun 28, 1999
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    Central Arkansas
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    Welcome to The Forum, Antimony. [​IMG] My cousin used to live in Maryland. (I know I'm gonna slaughter the spelling of this one, but I think it was Havre de Grace. I believe it was near a little suburb called Edgewood.)
    Now on to the question at hand:
    I take it your screen has no plexiglass protector covering it. Have you tried a mild soapy-water solution? I wouldn't think it should hurt the screen material if used with a terry cloth or a "diaper soft" polishing cloth and cleaned vertically.
    I have a screen protector on my RPTV so I've not had experience in cleaning screens before. But worry not, my friend, as there are many here with children and RPTVs, which as we all know, can be disasterous if not mixed well. [​IMG] Maybe someone else will have a better solution than mine.

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