How do I add a picture to my sig or post?

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    I have noticed many members add pictures to their posts when describing something or have a picture added to their signature. I have often wondered how they do this. I am by NO means a computer genius so any "dumbed down" help would be greatly appreciated
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    Nick So
    You use the VB Codes... You first find the URL of the pic you wanna show... so mine right now (just happened to be on my clipboard) is
    To add a pic to the post, there are two ways to do it.
    This way is easier, but may not work with longer URLs:
    1. Click the IMG button above the reply text window.
    2. Paste/type in the Image URL
    3. Press OK
    4. The Image will be placed automatically at the end of your post
    5. Move the whole [ IMG ][ /IMG ] line to wherever you want the pic to be in your post.
    The other way requires you to type more, but then you wont have to move anything:
    1. Move the blinking cursor to where you want the image to be.
    2. type in [*IMG]YourLink[*/IMG} (without asteriks * and the url of the image where it says YOURLINK.
    So to show the URL i had above (wihtout the asteriks *):
    To do it in your signature, go to your Control panel, then use the latter method in the Signature Edit box in your Control Panel.
    Hope this helped

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