How do I add a lot of speakers and TVs to 1 source?

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  1. Tim Kline

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    I'm opening a cyber cafe game center / bar & grill in a few months. It's half restaurant, half game center where people come to play PC games, and we'll also have 2 console game areas with big TVs hooked up.. we're planning to have 2-4 regular 27" TVs in the restaurant part, 1 in each corner. My plan is to get either DirecTV or generic digital cable and have that playing on every TV, and the audio for it coming over the audio system in the place which I'm planning to have 8 speakers, 4 in the restaurant 4 in the game center

    I can handle running all the cable needed and installing the speakers into the walls, etc.. what I need is the equipment to make it all work.. I doubt a regular receiver will be what I want. I need something that I can connect 8 speakers up to, and then something that can send a video signal to 4 or more TVs (just video, don't need audio on em)

    I was hoping the video could be S-video instead of composite, maybe even component video for the 50" widescreen TVs we'll have for the console game stations (when not in use they'll just be showing what the restaurant TVs have on).

    So, I need my digital cable box/dss receiver, it's audio would be connected with just RCA cables to some kind of receiver that can handle 8 speakers (just sterio not 5.1), maybe even more. Then, I need the video to plug into some kind of box that will send it's signal to 4-6 TVs.

    Anyone know of any products I can look into to do this? I don't want to go with a professional installer because I know enough about this stuff to do it myself, I just need to know what kind of hardware to look into.

    Also, how far can a S-video or component video signal travel? I've never seen a 50' s-video cable, so I'm guessing I will have to set up the video with "cable wires"?
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    For the audio, Niles makes several relatively cheap boxes that distribute a single speaker-level output from an amplifier or receiver to multiple pairs of speakers, while maintaining proper impedence. Go to and check out the speaker selection systems.
    For the video I'm not sure.
  3. Selden Ball

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    Many companies make what are called audio/video distribution amplifiers. They're designed to to exactly what you want.
    Here are a few random examples found by searching the Web for "audio video distribution amplifiers". There are many more.
    Kramer Electronics
    Don't forget that public A/V systems have legal requirements (electrical code, program royalty licenses, etc) that are much different from private home systems. You should probably consult with a professional A/V supplier in your area to make sure you get all the i's dotted and t's crossed.
    I hope this helps a little.
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    I have a Jamo box that does a wonderful job of allowing 4 sets of speakers to hook up to one or two amp sources and making those sources think they're only driving one set of 8ohm speakers.

    There's several video distribution boxes for that part of it.

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