How do games look on RPTV/HTPC?

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  1. Max Malloy

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    Oct 1, 2001
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    How do games look on widescreen HD RPTV's? Also, what resolution do people commonly use for games that don't support custom?
  2. Troy LaMont

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    What type of games are you referring to? PC games, console games?
    I'm not too clued in on the PC games area, but with consoles it's pretty damn nice. The best I've seen to date is the Dreamcast hooked up to my 55" HDTV via a VGA adapter and VGA breakout cables. Absolutely gorgeous! The Dreamcast outputs a progressive game signal at 480p.
    The PS2 on the other hand is good, but not as good as the Dreamcast because of above said reason (I have mine hooked up via component video cables) It only outputs a 480i signal.
    Now the creme, de la creme should be the XBox. It will be able to produce a 1080i gaming experience via it's HD A/V pack. I can't wait to feast my eyes on this! It will also output 480p as well.
    As for computer gaming, if you have a nice graphics card (which I assume you would) you could scale the game to either 480p or 1080i (or something in between) and it should look sweet as well. I've never seen this, so I wouldn't know specifically.
    Hope this helps.
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