How do advertisers on HTF know when we use them?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Todd_Brown, Nov 28, 2002.

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    Hey Ron,
    I subscribed to Home Theater Builder mag today on a link from here. How can I let them know that it was due to their support of HTF that I subscribed? I want to make sure the advertisers know that their money is well spent here.
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    We really appreciate you asking how our advertisers know when someone from HTF buys something from them. In the case of Home Theater Builder the link that is used tells them it comes from us. Half of our advertisers do not have an identifier associated with them though so they can only tell if you have been to their site and bought something if you tell them.

    So, when buying something from one of our sponsors we would really appreciate (and so would our sponsors) if you tell them either when you order something online or you call the 800 number that you heard about them because of us. Many of them will ask how you heard about them but this is often just a "I heard about you on the internet". In these cases it really helps if you take the extra step to let them know that you came to them because of us.

    Again thank for you inquiry into this matter. Our sponsors appreciate knowing that their advertising dollars are being spent on a site where the membership supports them in return. We have some really great companies that support this site through their ad revenues. Believe me we couldn't have this great place without them.


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