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Dec 12, 2001
...a big screen HD display (either flat panel or rear projector) without built-in speakers? In other words- a monitor?

Heck, I would buy one without a built in tuner as I have an OTA HD tuner. Most people who use a satellite box use an external tuner too.

Let's face it, I have a nice HT sound system so I would be interested in buying a system that saves me some money by not including components I will never use. In fact, I could buy a larger screen for the same money, so it's not like the manufacturers would be getting less $$$ from me.

Will we ever see such a thing?


Jeff Gatie

Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002

But it may cost them several millions to design new faceplates, new molds, new circuit boards, new wiring schematics and retool an assembly line for a monitor that may save them $15-20 worth of speakers per set; but will sell in low numbers to a very, very small niche in the A/V world.

It's more than costs per unit in the manufacuring world. Much more.

Leo Kerr

May 10, 1999
Or, go the other way:

A lot of the Pioneer plasmas used to have audio circuits and 'hang points' to mount speakers on the sides.

Most of the Sharp Aquos LCDs come in two options: with or without speakers.

Now, right now that sort of limits you in size, but to me, if you're looking for anything bigger than 50", you should just consider front projection, anyway.

(I know, I know.. different tools for different jobs... but when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. It really is true...)

Leo Kerr

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004

Most of the displays that we sell are pro lines that usually have speakers as an option. With the pro lines everything is a-la-cart. With the consumer brands of say Pioneer 5040HD say, they have a dual ATSC/NTSC tuner box, speakers, stand/mount all included in the system if you need it or not and you pay extra for it. We sell the 504CMX which is just the same panel with 3:3 pull-down without speakers without tuners (like you said the cable box is your tuner) also PIP/POP included to watch your DVD and the election side by side ;) for much less. This way you don't pay for what you don't want or need. Plus there are cards to add internally that can do better scaling, multiple inputs if you have allot of peripherals, etc. When something new comes along...pop, you just plug in a new card for a new standard. Its great. Pioneer, panasonic and hitachi have this.

Most LCD TV's usually do have speakers for some reason either on the side or on the bottom. LCD has mainly a consumer and consumer monitor foray as only until recently has there been 30 and 40" sets big enough to challenge the plasmas. Funny at first these were cheaper than plasmas, but now that they have grown to 40" sizes they are more expensive than the 42" plasmas...go figga.

Most of our line is like that for flexibility in 42" and 50" plasma varieties, Samsung, NEC, Pioneer, Panasonic, Hitachi, Champion (with Pioneer glass), Philips, Sony, etc
What is cool is that they are now coming in colors like Sony has a white bezel set now in 50".

Makers of low cost higher value combined sets like Maxent, Norcent, ByDSign, Viewsonic etc usually have only consumer versions with built in speakers.

The aquos line comes in many flavors in the sharp LCD's. Mitsubishi, Infocus, NEC, Samsung, Philips, all have I do believe removable speakers and a-la-cart versions.

Our 60" Zeniths also don't come with any speaker as do most 60" sets. They figure if you have the cash and spending it on the set, you will be getting a better sound system.

If you want system flexibility I would say go with a pro model. Many may not know about these PRO sets and this flexibility as these displays are used mainly by installers who custom make systems like we do. If you do some research and shop around you can get what you want. Just make sure the store is authorized or you will be playing with fire.

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