How come can't I play my guitar along with my albums?

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    Oct 4, 2002
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    I'm an occasionnal electric guitar player. When I want to play along my favorites albums I realise that I'm not in tune with the albums. I find it strange because my guitar is perfectly tuned to A440 with a Boss Chomatic tuner. I have somes tuning tracks from a CD and when testing them with the chomatic tuner I have found that the A pitch is more like an A444. How come a Sony DVP560 play records at a higher pitch ? Im talking here of Metallica "...and justice for all".

    I have tried another chomatic tuner, and got the sames results. With a turn table we can ajust the rotation speed and change the overall pitch but what can we do with digital music ?

    Thanks dominic
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    Nov 5, 2001
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    There are many reasons for not being in A440 pitch, but are rarely important. Do what I do: tune your guitar by ear until your guitar is meshing well with the playback. I generally think tuners are a bad idea unless you're going to record something yourself. Tuners tend to get in the way.

    I do have a tuner and guitars, by the way! [​IMG]

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    Digital can be adjusted! Just pick up one of these babies [​IMG]:

    Pioneer CDJ-1000

    Saw this yesterday at Guitar Center. A very knowlegdable employee gave me an impromtu demonstration of it--two actually--using my Thievery Corporation CD ("Richest Man in Babylon"). Hehe, those things sound just like a vinyl turntable and its "scratching" sound! And using the pitch control, he took my CD's laid back tunes and either made them too laid back or created hyper techno music. Actually those controls are used for matching two different CD's beats. He showed me that with another CD he had loaded on the other Pioneer deck. Fun stuff!

    This player cost only $1030--no biggie right? [​IMG]

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    The real answer is that many songs are not played on guitars that are in standard tuning.

    For example, most all Van Halen (and some Stevie Ray Vaughn and Hendrix) is tuned down 1/2 step, such that the Low E is actually E Flat. For that you could speed up the CD (digitally, of course), to bring the pitch up to standard.

    Many early Stones songs use Open G tuning (Brown Sugar, Can't You Hear My Knockin'). I don't have the intervals handy, but unless you tune to Open G, you are never going to cop that sound. But once you do and learn a few cords, you'll think you are Keith Richards. They also use capos liberally (If you caught the Stones on HBO, you know what I mean).

    Black Sabbath uses tunings where they are dropped 2 1/2 steps, such that the low E is actually in C Sharp.

    Although I am not that good of a player, I have a few guitars and they are all in different tunings so suit whatever music I am trying to cop.



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