How close can speakers be to Pioneer Elite RPTV??

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Perry Jonkheer, Dec 22, 2003.

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    I just got my new Pioneer Elite 530HDI, and this is my first RPTV. The manual says my speakers need to be 2 feet away from the TV because of the magnetic portions of the speaker. Do they really need to be this far away? I would like to keep the speakers around 1 foot away if possible. Does anyone know if this is safe for my new TV? Any and all insight is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

    PS - My speakers are Paradigm Studio 60s v.3.
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    The tubes in a crt-based RPTV are at the bottom front of the set, inthe middle. So you're already a foot or so away from the closest one by the edge of the TV. I would guess a foot away from the edge would be ok. I would turn the TV on, and place the speaker, and see. It would be very easy to see any deflection if you have a white grid up, like a convergence grid. Then I would play the speakers, and make sure the added fields aren't messing anything. FYI, this small deflection can't hurt anything in the set unless it is very severe. There is no shadow mask in RPTVs, so there is less a danger of causing permanent damage, as there is with direct-view sets.

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