How cheap can I get these items and where?

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  1. Todd K

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    Oct 21, 2001
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    Hi all,

    For various reasons that I won't detail, I need some pricing info and advice on some home theater products.

    I need to get, for all intents and purposes, a home theater for about $500 (without TV). Tough, yes. I'm thinking that if I can get some companies to price match and give free shipping, I can do it.

    Right now, J & R, whom I think I can trust, is offering free shipping on their Sony DVP-NS300 player. If I can get them to match CellularConnection's( price of $132, that would be a price too good to pass up.

    Now, the audio, and more difficult portion. I have heard good things here about Kenwood's HTB-504. (That's the model, right?) The cheapest I've seen it, from unauthorized dealers anyways, is around $400. If I could get it for that including shipping, I think we can safely stretch the budget to $530. Does anyone know of a dealer who can cut me this deal?

    If not, what are my options? If I could get Sony's HTD-DW830 for less than $400, that might work, too, though I would prefer the Kenwood. But if I did get the DW830, then my setup would be identical to Sony's HT-1300D setup. So then, I would ask, does anyone know where I could pick that up for around $500? This CellularConnection, trustworthy or not, indicates on their site that they could send it for $502, but I'm hesitant. I know nothing about them.

    So, bottom line: If anyone knows where the prices I'm seeking are to be found, I'd appreciate a tip. Or, even better, if someone has alternative recommendations, I'll listen. Please note though that I am looking for a comparable setup, not advice on why I should "buy half a speaker now and upgrade later."

    Thanks very much.


  2. Jonathan Lofgren

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    For around $500 I think the Kenwood HTB 504 and the Sony, if you can get it for $132 shipped, is your best bet. I'm just starting in home theater too and I've been looking around at budget/entry level systems and everywhere I read says the the Kenwood HTB is a good one. has the Kenwood HTB for $400 plus shipping. If you don't like that price you can use or to look for a better one.

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