How can you tell if you popped your Sub-Woofer?

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  1. David Ruiz

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    Aug 13, 2001
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    Hello All,
    I was watching fight club at reference level (REALLY LOUD) and in many MANY of the scenes, my sub made VERY strange noises that I had never heard before. The noise was not bass sounded like a person blowing air out of their "closed" mouth. I think that I may have popped it, but here is the strange part:
    My subwoofer has a volume knob that has a lot of range. I have the subwoofer volume knob set at 1/4 of the total volume that it can go. Can a subwoofer pop if you have it that low?? It's not that could have gone much louder!!
    Another weird thing. After playing music, the subwoofer is NOT making those weird sounds anymore...playing perfectly. I'm very scared of playing Fight Club again, because I fear that it will damage it more. How can I tell if my subwoofer is Popped FOR SURE or not?
  2. John Royster

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    Oct 14, 2001
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    Visually inspecting the woofer is a good place to start. Also listen carefully at a resonable volume and simply listen to it, maybe with all other channels off. You'll know when you've blown it. You can also try pushing the woofer in a few times and listen. you shouldn't hear any scraping sounds - that would be the voicecoil fused somewhat.
    BTW - if your woofer makes popping sounds that is your immediate clue to turn it down. That sound is generally the woofer over-extending itself (being asked to move much farther than the surrounds of the speaker).
    good luck
  3. Geoff L

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    Dec 9, 2000
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    Hi David,
    John's comments are valid. If you do these things and they all pass, {when pushing the driver in by hand, be sure to push as -EVENLY- as possibly, one hand stragiht cross from the other} and do this in three different places around the driver. If all sounds good, no scratchy sound, more than likely, you where get chuffing from the port. If it's a sealed sub, than what you where hearing was definently not port chuffing. A leak or popping the driver. Both not good for a sealed driver
    A loud poping or snapping sound is usually the driver leaveing the gap {over excerision} not good! If one was to continue to listen to it that way, snapping popping sound from the driver, perment damage will occur.
    I will assume you have a ported sub and more than likely you where getting chuffing from the port. This is when, at higher spl levels the higher air volume and velosity is moving threw the port and creating drag, the drag is the what your hearing. The air creats audiable friction going threw the port and while leaveing across the edge of it.
    Check your driver out as John described and if no problems, your probley fine and it was just the port chuffing. It's a little more involved than the brief chuffing explaination i gave, but the basic principal is correct and is all you needed to get the picture.
    I just woke up so if this make no sence, just disregard. [​IMG]

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