How can I check my PC's internal temperature?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Alf S, Apr 20, 2005.

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    I tried downloading Motherboard Monitor, but it doesn't support my motherboard.

    Any ideas how to check the temp?

    Reason I ask is my usually quiet PC has been noisy these past few evenings...the fan has kicked into overdrive trying it seems to cool things off even though I'm running NO programs other than IE. Normally it's been whisper quiet for the last year.
  2. Kimmo Jaskari

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    Assuming you run a fairly modern-ish Windows operating systems, hit ctrl-alt-del and bring up the task manager. Bring up the list of processes, then click on the "CPU" header field and sort on CPU usage. That will let you see what process(es) are using CPU power.

    I've personally had problems with Azureus, my bittorrent client, going nuts and sucking up 100% CPU power for long stretches, making the fans in the case rev up considerably.

    You can check the motherboard makers downloads page to see if they have their own monitoring software. Other than that, I'm low on ideas...
  3. Glenn Overholt

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    Some motherboards support it, but most don't. Your best bet is to buy a unit. I had one years ago. It took up one 5" slot and a power connecter, and had a wire that you could put anywhere you wanted.

    If the fans are making more noise, they could be going bad - unless you are running more apps now then you were before. You may want to look inside. The best arrangement is to have the cool air sucked into the machine by putting a fan in front on the bottom of the case, and another on the back, high up, pulling it out.

    I can't believe how many cases I have seen that don't even do that! Or, the places are there, but there aren't any fans!


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