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Discussion in 'Displays' started by TomRiddle, Feb 17, 2004.

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    let me put this as a preface.. this will probably only appeal to those who have done calibration of their sets before and not new to the home theatre arena.. [​IMG]

    one of the 'major' digs at rptv-sets (dlp, specially lcd) is that it is lacking in reproducing true deep blacks..

    when calibrating your set via DVE, for example.. there are three reference bars.. the outermost bar is supposedly true black..

    therefore, if you calibrate your set and it works *perfectly* that the "true black" reference bar dissappears into the background, not to mention the set can "hold its black level" properly.. doesn't that mean that your set is able to reproduce rich true black levels?

    I come from a Sony KV-27FS100.. I calibrated my previous 'home theatre' myself 3 years ago and there are several things noticeable right away from that set to my clearly superior set now
    1. clipping.. when I did my calibration years ago there were only 2 reference bars visible.. the third reference bar for "true black" never showed up
    2. it would not hold its black level.. you all know what I mean when I say that.. some scenes the black bars would not be present (proper) and then it would switch to a lighter scene and clearly the black bars of the dvd would show up (it can't hold the black level properly)

    using DVE as a reference and running through their calibration.. does that mean you have true black level or is it still, not black enough..

    in other words.. how black is black [​IMG]

    edit: can someone delete this post please? [​IMG] I don't understand why I cannot delete my own post..
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    Hi Tom. How about if I move your post over to the Display Devices fourm where the calibrators hang out?

    If you really want me to delete the post, I will. But you have a good question here.
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    Michael Chen

    Of course not all DVD players pass blacker than black. All crt TV's I have encountered are capable of displaying true black. The blacker than black signal.

    Not being able to hold true black is a power supply issue ...

    The TV system does not use black black. It uses a black that is 7.5 ire ... or 7.5% above real black. The TV is capable of displaying true black though.

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