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Dustin B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 10, 2001
I got back from writing my last final of my University career a little while ago (well for several years as I think I will eventually be coming back for an MBA). Went well, so I'm 99.9% sure that I'll have a 4 year BSc in Computer Science and an Advanced Certificate in Molecular Biology (which is equivalent to the 4 year BSc in cmpt sci as I could have applied to convocate with the titles reversed) in about a month.

The feeling when I handed this exam in was, well, bleh. I was so much more excited when I finished my last final in my first year. To this milestone I was more or less indifferent.

There are only two reasons I can come up with for this. The first is I had my last two finals today and yesterday. I haven't sleep well the last three nights and spent most of the last three days studing so I'm pretty tired. But more then that, I don't have a job lined up yet. At the end of each of my previous 5 years I always had a job lined up and knew I'd be coming back to school in 4 months.

I'm hopeful my feelings will change once I've found that first decent job and know where I'll be living (I sure hope I can manage to stay our of an apartment). Any similar experiences from those who are several years ahead of where I am now?

Jagan Seshadri

Supporting Actor
Nov 5, 2001
Well, I just finished my M.Eng. and... big whoop. My B.Eng was a big deal however (kind of like the feeling of relief when you stop banging your head against the wall) :D Yes, yes, the Iron RIng was worth it. But the M.Eng., mnya.
So yeah, I know how you feel. I used to put a whole lot of expectation into school, but despite doing well in it and getting awards and scholarships, it feels artificial.
Someone once said that the truly educated person knows when to leave it behind. So, I'm leaving it behind and heading off into the working world.
Good luck in your post-school endeavors, Dustin!

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