House being built in Tampa, and I need some help

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    My wife and I are having a home built in the North Tampa area (Wesley Chapel). The HT room will be 20’W * 21’3”D. The ceiling will slope from 8’ on the right side, to ~12-14’ on the left, looking at the TV or projector area. I have a few projects in mind, and I could really use some help building them, and I am willing to pay for your time. My main problems are I don’t have the tools, space, or the hands on knowledge and experience to finish these projects without assistance.

    I want to build an IBS subwoofer. Whilst originally my wife was fine with the Tempest Sonosub that stands over 4’ tall, the WAF has kicked in. I showed her pictures Richard Kraus has on his project, and we both agree that it is the best solution. Since our house has not been built, I would like to mount the subs and wires before the drywall goes up. One issue is the angle of the ceiling, and in general I probably need help assembling the box. Also, I need some opinion on whether 2 Tempest drivers with the AVA250 will be sufficient for such a large room.

    I have also been reading a lot on the need to wire your house while it is being built. I spoke to the builder about putting Cat 5 throughout the house and they want an outrageous amount of money to do it. I also want to pre-wire for speakers, extra phone lines, and extra RG6 lines. I want to wire the house myself, but my main concern is having the house pass inspection. I would like to get some information on Florida building codes and possibly some help putting up the wire.

    Another decision we have to make is whether to go with a rear or front projection TV. Right now I am leaning towards a RPTV, but I want to wire the room for a potential projector in the future.

    The last project that I am considering is building a total of six (two vented, 4 sealed) Kit 281 speakers. Again, I don’t have the workspace or tools to complete the project, so I would need help.

    If anyone could assist me in these projects and earn some money in the process, I would really appreciate it. My wife and I are really excited about owning our first home, and I cant wait to move in and complete a home theater were I don’t have to worry about disturbing an apartment neighbor.
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    I did all the low voltage wiring on my home here in the Orlando area. There is no code requirements for the low voltage stuff (i.e. phones, TV coax, speaker, IR, etc.) so don't worry about that part. The only issue was the builder did not want me to hold him up at any point so I had to get my stuff done quickly. I calculated that I installed over two miles of wiring in three weeks!

    I really like having wall phones next to the bathroom toilets.

    I love this stuff so if you want me to give you a hand over the holidays, drop me a line and we'll get together.


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