Horror Of Dracula at the Loews Jersey

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    Dec 7, 2001
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    As previously mentioned in another thread, the Landmark Loews Jersey Theatre in Jersey City, NJ is running The Horror Of Dracula next Saturday night October 26th.
    We have been given access to an archival Dye Transfer IB Techicolor print, which I ran for myself yesterday to check its condition, and wow, it was incredible. The print is an original 1958 print, virtually splice free with minimal surface wear and has the original Universal International logos at the begining and end.
    If you have never seen this in Technicolor, its worth the trip to Jersey City. Unlike the videos, the print is drenched in rich color.
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  2. Steve Phillips

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    Jan 18, 2002
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    Was it presented in the OAR of 1:66 to 1, or matted to 1:85 to 1 like Warner's DVD?

    I saw it in London in 35mm and it was 1:66 to 1, and no ones head was cut off like in the DVD...
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    Steve, the print is a mix of two ratios. The second-unit photography (exteriors) and the main titles are hard-matted at 1.66. Everything else is 1.37.
    For this presentation, we'll be running it at 1.85 in order to fill the entire width of the 50 foot screen. I would really like to run it at 1.66, but we don't have the necessary lenses right now. As the film programs build and the funds become available, we intend to purchase the correct lenses for 1.66.
    Rest assured, our expert projection staff will be carefully monitoring the framing of the print. We will not be cutting off any heads. If anything, they'll most likely frame to the top of the 1.66 line. We'll lose some picture information at the bottom, but not much. I suppose we could have run it at 1.37, but the picture would have been reduced to roughly 35 feet in width, and the changing aspect ratios throughout the film might get a little distracting.
    For the record, KING KONG and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN will be run 1.37, and GHOSTBUSTERS will be run 2.35.
    The dye-transfer Technicolor on HORROR OF DRACULA is stunning, and it really looks fabulous with authentic carbon arc illumination!
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    Damn! I wish I lived in the area. [​IMG]

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