Horation Caine as Steve McGarrett

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Nelson Au, May 2, 2004.

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    Perhaps this is a silly thought, but in watching the new remastered episodes of Hawaii Five-0 on UPN, the picture of Horatio Caine popped in my head.

    It seems that David Caruso's portayal of Horatio Caine is a sort of imitation of Jack Lord's Steve McGarrett. This is not meant to insult his fans here. In watching both shows, there's a simularity in the way he's trying to play this tough guy cop and it's very reminiscent to how Jack Lord did McGarrett. When he tries to play the softer side to comfort a victim, it looks forced a little. With Jack Lord, it's almost not working, but he pulls it off. Perhaps this is just not playing into Caruso's acting strengths. Jack Lord certainly played the character with gusto as Caruso is doing.

    Whose better? Or has better hair![​IMG] I pick McGarrett. Book 'em, Yelina!

  2. Mike Soltis

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    What, trying to act like Don Johnson is 'acting'??
    ymmv, but at least CSI (Vegas) is about several characters (played by people who can, in fact, 'act'). They should rename this the "H" factor.

    How many times each week are we treated to Caruso...
    Takes off sunglasses
    Cocks head to one side
    Makes 'witty' comment (sounds like reading from cue cards to me).

    In case you can't tell, I don't like him.

    Steve (oops) Jack Lord on the other hand, was Richard Burton compared to Caruso. At least he had several facial expressions [​IMG]

    Sorry for the post, I saw the title and was alarmed to think they were making a remake with Caruso as McGarrett! ! !
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    I agree completely! I work at a TV station and prepare the Hawaii Five-O re-runs prior to air. I saw the Lord-Caruso similarity right away and mentioned it to a co-worker.

    Lots of (Puts hands on his hips and says "OK.....here's what we're going to do")
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    I'm with you, Mike. I can't stand Caruso. To refer to what he does on screen as "acting" is really not fair to all of those "actors" out there with more than one facial expression and more than one tone of voice. How can the viewer tell if he's serious, joking, mad, happy, sad, elated, pensive, seething or dismissive. HIS MANNER NEVER CHANGES!!!!

    Perhaps it's just the roles he's had on TV, but I've never liked anything he's done. But he does work with three total knockout babes in that Miami CSI office!!
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    "on a little street in Singapore"
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    Yee Ming Lim
    You forgot "stands with hands thrust deep into trouser pockets, leans forward and backwards while barking orders at subordinates" [​IMG]

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