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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Patrick Sun, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Is this the movie in which we point to and say that James Marsden's hit rock bottom? Perhaps.

    It was weird hearing Russell Brand's voice used for EB, the Easter Bunny-in-training who tries to escape his destiny by running away from Easter Island and ends up in Hollywood, where he is almost run over by Fred, who's on his way to house-sit for his sister's house-sitting gig, and is basically a slacker after getting through college. After they get through the weirdness of talking rabbits, the film doesn't have much of a plot, but settles for EB trying to find his bliss in drumming, while avoiding the Pink Berets (an elite corps of bunnies sent to bring him back to Easter Island).

    I give it 2 stars, or a grade of C.
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    I just saw this yesterday with my wife and kids, and I'd say you're being a little generous with your grade, Patrick. While I don't know whether or not Marsden has hit bottom (I remember hearing him say in an interview that he would sometimes take on projects that his two kids would enjoy seeing, or something along those lines), but HOP was dreadful. The ads looked cute, so my kids wanted to see it, but it was painful to watch. Like you said, almost no plot at all, and to make things worse, the cute parts were not all that cute, and the funny parts were not all that funny (I believe I chuckled once or twice, but I can't even remember over what). It's also sad when your kids' favorite parts were the inclusions of the songs "Dynamite" and "I Want Candy" as they're familiar with the songs already. I'm honestly having difficulty deciding which I liked less, HOP or Gnomeo and Juliet.


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