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Kris Special

May 29, 2002
Well, after about 12 attempts, I finally managed to register.
Hi everyone.
I came here with the purpose of learning mroe about Hi-fi equipment and all that jazz. I had no idea the people here were into the ULTRA high end stuff. Makes what I have look like a joke.
Anyway, I had some questions.
I work at Best Buy (blech) and the only real perk is the discount I get on a lot of nice stuff. I just picked up a 660 Watt Pioneer VSX-D850S receiver and some brand new Cerwin Vega Speakers. These things have only been out for about 2 weeks. Check'em out here http://www.cerwinvega.com/products/h...enter_12f.html
Ok, my question:
If I'm trying to set up a system that's good for watching DVDs, is it better to get smaller speakers like these
or will using what I have for right/left speakers be just as good, if not better? I plan on getting the entire set of Cerwins just because I really like the way they look good together (and of course I think they sound great)...so I will have the 12" subwoofer and be using these as rear speakers
What do you guys think?


Supporting Actor
Dec 25, 2001
I am not that familiar with Cerwin Vegas. By reputation, the JBL s-series are the best speakers you can get at BB, sonically. Then again I won't prejudge your Vegas because I have done only limited in store listening. One thing though - consider picking up the Sony SA-WM40 sub which you also carry at BB instead of the Vega sub. It is significantly better and I believe less expensive (you would know).

Russell _T

Supporting Actor
Aug 26, 2001
I don't mean to hijack Kris's thread, but do you know how the Pioneer SDW1k performs against the Sony? It has a 10" driver, a Bash 150 watt amp, extension to 20hz (right) and sells for $180.00. I have heard the Sony is pretty good in that price range, but I couldn't remember the model number.

Kris Special

May 29, 2002
Sony stuff always ends up being more expensive..even with my discount.
I literally get over 50% off the Cerwin stuff...plus it looks better than anything else we have in the store and they sound fantastic.
I am NOT a big audiophile like a lot of the people here and there is no way my ears are sensitive enough to discern the subtle differences of a lot things like you hardcore guys. I'm a college student and my stuff is laughable compared to the things you guys have acquired. This is my first system and to be honest, buying it for so cheap is more fun than actually getting to use it ;)
I was just curious what you guys thought.
Maybe some of you could go check these speakers out at your local Best Buy and report back on what you think....like I said, they are a brand new series and there aren't any reviews on them anywhere...they only went up on Cerwin's website less than a week ago.

Jeffrey Forner

Jun 19, 1999
First off, welcome to Home Theater Forum. We hope you find your stay enjoyable. :)
Concerning your question, I personally believe that at this level of equipment, it would be best to go with the smaller speakers all around and get a good subwoofer to handle the bass. The reason being that having multiple woofers in a system can create problems that are usually hard to fix.
For instance, the bass waves coming from the two speakers can cancel each other out, resulting in a weak sound that doesn't yield the full impact you want to get from your system. Using only one specialized speaker to output the bass will make this problem moot. Besides, bass is largely non-directional by nature, meaning you can't tell where it's coming from within the room. You might as well only have one source producing it.
Also, I would highly recommend you purchase a copy of the Avia Guide to Home Theater and a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meter from Radio Shack so that you can calibrate your new system properly. The Avia DVD can be found at Best Buy and the SPL Meter usually goes for around $35. These two small purchases can go a long way in getting your system to the optimal level of performance.
Enjoy your new system!


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 23, 2001
Welcome to the forum! We have people on this forum that have more money in their cables than I have in my whole system. We also have people with systems that cost less than my main speakers. And the best thing is, you'll get good advice from both ends of the spectrum.

I go to BB frequently (I have two teen age sons). I'll check these out when I'm there.


Johnny Mac

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 28, 2002
If you plan on using a sub, those V6F's should work out nicely. I third the recommendation on the Sony. It's the best bang for the buck in that price range. Although I have yet to hear the new CV.

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