Hookup advice needed for DVD/VCR combo

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    I've been into HT for many years now and I've always been able to connect things and make them work in all types of HT setups. But I'm stumped with this new Samsung DVD/VCR combo unit. My sister wants to connect this to a Pioneer VSX-D608 receiver which has both coax and optical digital inputs. Her TV has composite video/audio inputs only.
    My question is: What is the best way to connect both the VCR section and DVD section (I've included a link to a picture of the rear connections) such that she can watch video and also enjoy 5.1 digital sound using the DVD section's digital out?
    Thanks for your help. For some reason I'm experiencing a brain [email protected]#t here. :b
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    Looks like you only have one choice. Connect the Video "OUT" from the combo unit to the "IN" plugs of the TV and then connect the OPTICAL or COAX out into the receiver's digital input for surround sound (DVD only) and the RCA audio OUT to the VCR AUDIO inputs into the receiver so she can hear the VCR sound.

    Now if she can run video through the Pioneer receiver, then take the combo video OUT to receivers video IN and then go from Pioneer's video OUT to the TV's IN plug. Now she can use the receiver as the video/audo switcher.

    Make sense?

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