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Hooking up X Box 360 to Receiver (Trouble) (1 Viewer)


Oct 6, 2008
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Justin Latini
Sorry if this is a duplicate thread. I'm still fairly new here. And sorry if this should be somewhere else.

But anyways, I recently purchased that Onkyo HT-S6100 HTiB and I was doing fine hooking stuff up. I ran an HDMI plug from my DirectTv box to the receiver, and then an HDMI plug from the receiver to the TV. Got that working fine.

But I'm unsure of how to hook up my 360 using component cables (system doesnt have an HDMI plug).

Here is a diagram of my receiver:

I was able to get sound for my 360 from hooking up the red/white plugs to "CD L and R" but I just couldn't get any picture. Maybe I have my tv settings wrong, but even when I switch the tv to "Component 1" and "Component 2" I get nothing even when the plugs are in those spots of the receiver. I'm lost. =/


Jeff Gatie

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Aug 19, 2002
First off, by component - you mean three cables colored red, green and blue, for the video? Because if you are using a single yellow cable for video, you are talking about composite, not component.

Second, if you are using component from the X-Box, you should probably also use digital audio instead of the analog R/L RCA's. You should have a coax or optical out on the X-Box which will give you true surround sound.

Third, if you look at page 47 in your manual, you'll find that you have to assign the component inputs to a particular source input name or you won't see a picture when that source is selected. Since you are using 'CD' as the source input, go to the Receiver->Setup->1. Input Assign->2. Component Video Assign menu, and assign 'IN1' or 'IN2" (component 1 or 2, whichever you are using) to the 'CD' input.

When you get a coax/optical cable, you have to do the same thing for the digital audio port. For this, go to the Receiver->Setup->1. Input Assign->3. Digital Audio Input menu and assign the coax/optical port you used for the X-Box to the 'CD' input source.

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