Hooking up TV, DVD, HDTV Cable box and ReplayTV

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    I have the following:
    Sony 57" widescreen HDTV compatible TV
    Sony Progressive scan DVD
    ReplayTV 5080
    HK 520 amp
    Motorola ATT HDTV cable box.

    Currently I have the following setup
    cable box to the TV using component video cable
    cable box to the RepayTV using standard audiovideo R/W/Y cable
    ReplayTV connected to TV using standard audiovideo R/W/Y cable
    DVD connected to the TV using component video cable
    DVD connected to the amp using the digital audio cable

    the only think running through the amp is the DVD, but I would like everything to go through the amp.

    Could I use component video cable runing from cable box to replayTV to amp and then to TV. From DVD to amp to TV. Or should I look into s-video

    thanks in advance
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    Do this.

    Buy two s-video cables. If your ReplayTV has a digital output (only on SonicBlue models?), then buy a digital optical cable.

    Run one from the cable box to the ReplayTV, along w/ two audio cables (they can be the two from your current setup if you like). If the ReplayTV box needs it, make sure to set its input to S-video.

    Run the other from the ReplayTV to the TV. Run the audio cables from your ReplayTV to the receiver (and the digital audio if possible-- see above).

    Switch your ReplayTV to the S-video input, and your stereo to the input you hooked the ReplayTV up to.

    That should be it.

    No Replay unit has a component video input, so the answer to your first question is no. The answer to your second question is that it wouldn't make things any easier and would possibly have an adverse impact on picture quality.

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