hooking up DirectTV in my new home

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by mike_frontier, Jul 1, 2003.

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    I am about to move into my new home and I notice I want to put 3 IRD(s) receivers for directTV in the home.
    living room, gameroom and bedroom.

    Now I have DirectTV and I only have 1 DISH and 1 Transponder and I know that there is an way to hook up 3 receiver to my 1 transponder and I know you can only view the same channel where ever the master IRD is installed at, but does anyone know where I can get the connection to hook up 3 receivers to 1 dish/transponder??

    Thanks 4 any help on this [​IMG]
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    Your dish, short of it being manufactured in 1988 or so, has a "dual LNB" on it. It may only have one "knob" on the end, but there are two coaxial connections coming off of it. This means that out of the box, it can support 2 seperate tuners watching different channels.

    If you want more than 2 (up to X, where X is a ridiculously high number), you need a multiswitch. This is a device that on one side plugs into both of your LNB outputs, and the other side will have X outputs for your receivers throughout your house. Most multiswitches also let you add a standard cable/antenna signal to the same lines, but this isn't necessary. Because of that, you'll see them listed as "3x4", which means 3 inputs, 4 outputs, even though you'll only be using 2 of those inputs in a typical configuration. Note that for a multiswitch to work, 2 lines between the dish & switch are REQUIRED.

    If you want a more technical explanation of any of that, let me know. [​IMG] Good luck.

    - Mike

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