Hooking up and EQ for music only

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by SCcobra4me, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I have an AudioSource EQ that I was using when I had my equipment upstairs and I since have moved all downstairs and for the life of me can't remember how I had this hooked up. I had to switch inputs on my receiver from DVD to CD for the EQ to work, in movie mode it was just bypassed. Any suggestions would be great, I'm going to keep tinkering with it for now.

    I know most might say not to use it but for mids and highs it did a good job and I guess I really just want to see how it will sound with my newer Yamaha towers, I may not even use it at all, we'll see.
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    If you are using a dvd player to play cd's as well then hook the dvd players analog outputs up to the EQ's inputs, then hook the EQ's outputs to the receivers CD input. Then the EQ will only work with the cd's when you chose the CD input on the receiver. Also keep the digital connection between the dvd player and receivers DVD input for movies.

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