Hooking up a PS2 to my TV... questions.

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    Hi all,

    Well, with the price drop I am planning on getting a PS2. However, I have a couple of quick questions about hooking it up to my television (a 36" Sony WEGA KV-36FS16).

    My DVD player is currently hooked up via the component cables. I've read that hooking the PS2 that way is the best choice. How would I go about doing that though? Do I need a switcher box? If so, which one?

    Also, and this applies to using the S video hookup too if I choose to do it that way, which video channel will the PS2 use? My DVD player used Video 4 both with the S video and component cables. Will I have any conflict with the DVD player? Anyone have a set up similar to mine and know how it works?

    Thanks for any and all advice.

  2. Joseph Young

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    Oct 30, 2001
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    My FV series WEGA (32") has four video inputs. I have my PS2 hooked up directly to my television via the one component video connection, and my dreamcast hooked up to one of the two S-video inputs. I do not use a switcher box. In fact, the only special item I bought was a RCA cable splitter that allowed me to route my Dreamcast audio through a different channel on my receiver.

    You can buy a connector for your PS2 in both component and S-video variety. One end fits into your ps2 and the other end directly into the television. The monster cable versions are a waste of money (way too expensive).. you can find component and s-video cables for your ps2 from Sony at Fry's for much, much cheaper ($15 as opposed to $80).


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