Hooking up a Marantz 6200

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    I was wondering if someone could help me with the hook up of the marantz 6200. The problem lies in where to hook up the 2 s-video cables I have with the TV/DVD/RECEIVER. The TV has 1 s-video out and the DVD has 2 (Sony 715), and the receiver has more s-video connections than I know what to do with. I can get everything up and running (I can watch DVD movies and listen to CD's via a digital cable) but I'm not sure if their in the right places.

    The other thing I can't seem to do is listen to TV using the receiver and my 5.1 speakers. How do I connect for this? I ran some RCA cables from the TV to the receiver but nothin!

    Could someone help with the set up please!!!!
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    I'm not sure where you are having difficulty. Hook the video out from the DVD to the receiver, then from the receiver's Monitor Out to the TV's video input.

    The TV's L & R Audio Out should go to the Marantz's TV In. When you double-click the 'TV' button on the 6200's remote you should hear the TV program.

    One thing to remember - in your TV menu, set your TV audio out to 'Fixed,' not 'Variable.'
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    If you only have the one DVD player as a source, there is no reason to go through the receiver at all. Go directly to the TV. If your TV has component video inputs, use those insted. If your TV is not HD capable, then you may not gain much by using the component inputs (the 715 is progressive scan), because you will have to run it in interlaced mode.

    For the TV audio input, you may have to check the TV input in the receiver's setup menu to make sure it is set to analog. Eventhough this is the default, it may be set wrong on your unit.

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