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    May 23, 2002
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    You think that being a computer programmer and a college grad that home audio connection would be a breeze, however, poorly writter manuals and directions lead me here to people who have been there before. I don't have anything too complex, I just need to know the optimal way to hook it all up. Any input, help, is greatly appreciated.

    Receiver: Onkyo TXSR500
    TV: Sony KP53HS30
    DVD: Sony DVPNS715P
    VCR: Old Cheap Toshiba
    Cable: No box, just co-ax

    Basically my problem lies in the connection for the cable and TV, DVD is fairly easy. When I ran the cable to the TV and video/audio out into the audio in for the stereo receiver, I got very little volume, in fact, the only way I did get any volume was to turn the volume up on the TV too. I know I am missing something, tried to read the directions, none were of any help. Now I have the cable running to the VCR, and video/audio out running from the VCR to the stereo receiver, but the channel changer on the VCR doesn't change the channel on the TV.

    Any and all help is appreciated,
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