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Hooking everything up... need advice

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by R0b, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. R0b

    R0b Auditioning

    Oct 22, 2002
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    i have the following:

    Sony DVP-S7700
    Denon AVR 1803
    JVC VCR HR-D740U (RCA hookups)
    Cable Box (RCA outputs, no S-Video)
    Playstation (soon to purchase PS2)
    Sony Wega 36fs13
    Klipsch System 6 surrounds.


    I need some assistance hooking everything up. Do i run the RCA outputs for VIDEO and AUDIO from the VCR and Cable Box to the input of the Receiver, when i get the PS2 run Toslink for the Audio and Composite Video wires into the back of the receiver, run the Toslink from the DVD player and Composite Video cable into the back of the Receiver??

    So basically i'll need

    1) 2 sets of RCA audio cables (VCR and Cable Box), 2 sets of Video RCA to carry the video Signal from these to the receiver

    2) 3 sets of Component Video cable (2 coming from the DVD and PS2 into the receiver and one back out to the TV)

    3) 2 sets of Toslink (going from the PS2 and DVD into receiver)

    now as my DVD has 2 sets of RCA outputs and Component Video, can i run a second set of RCA Audio cables and S-Video cables into the back of the TV so i can watch movies through the TV without messing anything up??

    I hope this made sense and described everything ok. Basically i'm having a difficult time figuring out how many damn sets of WHAT wires i'll need and to accomplish hooking everything up to the Receiver, but also be able to play movies through the TV as well.

    I wish i had the back of each of these components to make it easier. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Bob McElfresh

    Bob McElfresh Producer

    May 22, 1999
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    Ok Rob. Some generic advice.

    - Put your Receiver on the bottom shelf of your rack. Put the CATV box above it. On the upper shelves put the DVD/VCR/Playstation (things you actually touch).

    Now you should be able to measure the lengths you need.

    - Go to Radio Shack and buy their $4 set of wire-labels. The ones with a writable surface and clear tape that wraps around to protect the writing. Plan to label all your cables on each end with a simple A/B/C.. encoding. Do this for the power cords as well.

    Some advice: standardize on SVideo inputs to the receiver. Then run 1 SVideo cable from the receiver to the TV. Radio Shack sells a cheap "Composite to SVideo" adaptor for $20 for the devices that do not have SVideo output.

    Call your CATV company to see if they have a cable box with SVideo outputs. If they dont, get the Radio Shack converter.

    VCR/CATV Box: Radio Shack has some nice bundles of L/R/SVideo cables. The quality is decent, and the bundles really reduce the clutter behind the rack.

    DVD: Use SVideo and a coaxial-digital cable. You can use an ordinary Video cable for the coaxial-digital connection.

    PS2: Use SVideo and Toslink. Once again, check Radio Shack for bundles. I think they have them.

    As an option: Run component cables straight from the DVD player to the TV. When you sit down to do serious DVD watching, take the extra step to flip over to the component cable feed for the slightly better picture.

    While you CAN send L/R audio to the TV straight from the DVD player - you loose all the wonderful stuff you get by running audio through your receiver & speakers.

    Hope this helps.

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