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    I have a Denon 3800AVR and Sony Grand Wega XBR, with Denon DVD with Dish network, no cable tv.

    I have hooked my dish using coaxial from converter box to TV along with routing S-video from converter box to Denon 3800AVR. I have routed both S-video from Denon 3800AVR and component hookups using the monitor out.

    From my DVD, I have optical hook up, component plugs going to the 3800AVR, and composite going from DVD to TV.

    Problems: MY TV only gets picture on Dish using the coaxial connection from the Dish, and only a picture from the composite connection from the DVD.

    I thought by routing everything through my 3800AVR that the picture would go through it to the TV....Is this thinking wrong?

    What should I do?

    option 1) route component cable directly from the DVD to TV and S-video from Dish to TV and bypass video conections through the 3800AVR?

    option 2) Do above and also route Video through the 3800AVR.

    Sound works great and I don't have any problems that I am aware of with sound.

    Thanks for any help!

    Coach K
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    Don't overlook: In almost all cases, the component out, S-video out, and the composite out from the Denon receiver must enter different video banks (video 1, video 2, etc.) on the TV, with separate pairs of audio input jacks you are not using. Unpredictable things happen if both the composite and S jacks of the same TV input bank have something in them.

    Add component cables from receiver to TV. If the TV has no component video input, use S-video from the DVD player. Component from the DVD player to receiver will (almost) never cross feed to the composite or S-video receiver outputs.

    You may find that some dish channels look better using composite or coaxial from the dish converter while others look better using S-video or component from the dish converter.

    Video hints:

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