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    Hi All,
    I just purchase my HDTV this weekend, and even though I knew that this tv would connect just like the old one, I tried my hardest to label all my wires and such, but because I had to tear down an entertainment center and put up a new TV stand, I had components scattered through out my home [​IMG]
    The TV works great! The audio is perfect! Now my only problems are the fact that my OSD and TIVO don't show up on my television screen. The receivers OSD should show up because it's 'monitor out' goes directly into the 'video 1' on the Sony Wega. As for the Tivo, I have a splitter that sends the cable into my tivo and other into the TV (no digital box, have a Cable Card). If anyone can point me in the right direction and get this resolved, I can start programming my universal remote!

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    If you are using component cables, for your HD connection, you probably won't get OSD to work right. You'll probably have to use s-video for OSD to work. I've read quite a bit at other forums, about people having trouble with the OSD, with component cables.
    Good luck!

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