Honda Accord Cog Ad - "Rube Goldberg" ***Amazing***

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    I've not been able to get the Search function to work all day so I'm not for sure if this has been posted yet.

    It's a must see. I listed all the places to download the video to your hard drive because I'm not for sure how long they will be there. It's a quick time file that’s about 4.8mb. I first saw it on a BMW M5 forum and later did a search on goggle were I found a lot of info from Slashdot.


    Where to See it?

    Where to Download?

    Song at the End

    "If you live in the UK,
    Call the Honda Contact Centre on 0845 200 8000 and ask for a free DVD of THAT Honda ad. They also got it on VHS if you prefer."


    go to the link and order it online!
    I wish someone would order this for me

    following a post from slashdot
    Here's the synopsis:

    1. Transmission bearing rolls, hits second bearing.
    2. Second bearing rolls, hits third.
    3. Third bearing rolls, hits contration to release cam shaft.
    4. Cam shaft rolls, hits tailpipe.
    5. Tailpipe spins, hits valve stem on hood.
    6. Valve stem hits other valve stem.
    7. Second valve stem hits third valve stem.
    8. Valve stem falls off hood, hits something.
    9. That something hits a spring loaded mechanism mounted to engine valve cover.
    10. Spring loaded mechanism hits radiator.
    11. Radiator falls, hits tire.
    12. Tire hits weighted tire on ramp.
    13. Tire rolls uphill, hits second weighted tire.
    14. Second weighted tire rolls uphill, hits third weighted tire.
    15. Third weighted tire rolls uphill, hits disc brake rotor(?).
    16. Rotor falls on string, pulls seat back to it's full upright position.
    17. Seat triggers release of windshield wiper mechanism.
    18. Mecanism trips oil can.
    19. Oil can pours onto platform, weighting one end down.
    20. Platform tilts, releasing bearings(?) which roll into engine head.
    21. Engine head on lever causes battery to rise.
    22. Battery makes electrical connection, makes fan run.
    23. Fan runs, which causes it to move. It moves forward, disconnects from power source, and runs into metal wire, releasing nut.
    24. Nut drops, causes muffler to roll.

    ***CGI CUT***

    25. Muffler rolls into strange contraption.
    26. Strange contraption flings nut.
    27. Nut hits tire on front end of car.
    28. Tire rolls onto wire.
    29. Wire sets into motion contraption made mostly of connecting rods.
    30. Connecting rod starts metal cylinder rolling.
    31. Metal cylinder hits connecting rod contraption and stops.
    32. Potential energy stored in contraption causes rod to swing and kick off the metal cylinder.
    33. Cylinder hits window, makes electical contact.
    34. Electrical contact rolls down window.
    35. Cylinder rolls again, past window onto new ramp, then off ramp onto "oh shit" handles.
    36. Cylinder rolls off "oh shit" handles, onto battery, makes electrical contact.
    37. Contact causes winshield squirters to spray water on windshield.
    38. Windshield sensor detects "rain", turns on wipers.
    39. Wipers crawl across floor, trip emergency brake.
    40. Emergency brake sets window mobile in motion.
    41. Window mobile causes wind, pushing over plastic panel.
    42. Plastic panel has metal cylinder on top. Cylinder rolls into shock spring.
    43. Shock spring has metal rod in it, which spins down.
    44. Rod makes electrical contact, starts stereo.
    45. Stereo connected to woofers under windshield.
    46. Vibration causes spring to roll onto clutch pedal.
    47. Depression of clutch pedal activates assembly which presses "hatch close" on door key.
    48. Hatch closes, unbalancing platform.
    49. Platform tilts, car rolls.
    50. Car hits something that causees the Accord banner to unfurl.

    another article

    Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
    Production Company: Partizan Midi Minuit
    Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
    Agency Producer: Rob Steiner
    Agency Creatives: Matt Gooden & Ben Walker
    Post Production: The Mill
    Producer: Fi Kilroe
    Flame: Barnsley
    Flame Assistant: Dave Birkill
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    this has already been posted....a while back....
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    thanks I just found where it was posted 4 or 5 pages back.

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