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Oct 15, 2006
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Hello everyone, I don't know too much about audio/video and I am seeking some help.

I just picked up a Samsung HT-AS610 theatre system. I wan't to get the best quality of sound out of it, connected to my tv. I have a samsung flat crt.

First, I need some help setting everything up.

I scanned an image of the rear of my receiver to better help everyone

Please click the link, you can also enlargen it once it's displayed:


I'm hooking this up to my tv. In the manual it tells me to hook up one rca port from the receiver to the tv.

It's teling me to hook it from the montor video output jack to an rca port on my tv (doesen't state which one)

On my tv, I only have a few rca ports.

I have the video and audio (red,white,yellow) for the following:

monitor out

Then I have an s video jack and component inputs for 480i.

this is where i'm confused. Do I just run 1 rca jack from the receiver to one of the audio ports on my tv under "monitor out" ?

Below is how I set it right now which is working fine but i'm not sure if im loosing audio quality, it sounds ok but not the greatest.

I got a hold of rca cables and hooked the 3 rcas on one end to the receiver under "vcr/sat" and the other 3 on the other end to monitor out.

What do you guys suggest?

That's one of my questions.

the other is..how can I take advantage of the s video and component connectinos on my tv? i'm running cable off the tv and an xbox from the inputs so I play a lot of movies from the xbox and want to take advantage of everything I got..

next: the receiver suports dolby digital but in the manual it states "you can enjoy dolby digital only if you connect the digital audio output jack of an external audio component to the optical/coaxil digital audio input jack on the main unit. Anyone knows what this means to a noob?

last but not least, i'm mounting 2 speakers on the wall. Is there special mounts used for these little speakers. I see a little hold in the back of the speaker and someone told me to just screw a hold in the wall and use the head from the screw to hold the speaker up..this doesen't seem right..any ideas?

sorry about all the questions but your help would be greatly appreciated

thx guys


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Sep 5, 2006
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first clarify what you are using for you TV reception...

Do you have a cable box? Satellite Box? or does your cable,antenna go directly to the TV.

Do you have a VCR?

Your Xbox sound get connected to the DVD Video In (yellow) and the Digital audio from the Xbox(Optical) to the DVD Optical Input.
Then one more Yellow(composite video) to your TV's Input 1.

You'll use Input 1 for xbox viewing on the tv and the DVD input on the HTIB for the Audio.

Hopefully you have either a cable box or VCR for the Cable audio.. I'm trying to get you to use just the input 1 on the TV all the time.. it will depend on what other cable/vcr source you have.

Your scan is too small to see.. if anyone else want's to reference the manual here's the PDF link..

That will get us started... need to know if you have a VCR or the cable is connected directly to he tv or have a cable box...

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