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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Wayde_R, Aug 30, 2003.

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    I am in the process of buying a house and HT is a consideration. Lucky for me my wife is cool with my idea of having the largest room in the house (likely a basement) the HT room.

    We have two conflicting ideas on how this should be done. Let me preface by telling you that due to our means it's unlikely we will have a huge room, it seems dimensions like 18'-20'X 12'-18' are what I'm seeing, rarely a little more and basements with low cielings have the largest potential to expand this size even further.

    Here is how I see it. I can either do a "family room" where you get higher ceilings, maybe even a "cathedral" ceiling. Wooden floors, window, lots of acoustically reflective boundaries. But a smaller room, the lower side of said specifications.

    Or... and this seems all the more appealing the more I think about it:

    A larger basement room with low ceiling. But perhaps there might be an advantage to making the room as acoustically inert as possible. Thick rug, cover low ceiling and walls with as much sound dampening "soundproof" panels or whatever as possible. Maybe even build a wall to close it all in. I am likely to deal with a ceiling not much higher than 7' but the higher side of the aforementioned specs.

    Thoughts? Acoustically reflective smaller room with high ceiling, or acoustically dampened larger room?

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    I give can you a female's opinion.
    I would perfer the larger room.

    1. Basement
    If the basement is larger than the family room then you could always use it for entertaining in addition to showing movies to family and friends.
    Maybe you can even add a lobby.

    2. Family Room
    This would serve as double duty.

    3. Cost
    Guesstimate the cost and go from there.
    If cost is a factor you may have to go with the most cost effective option.

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