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Sep 14, 2004
Hello everyone,

I recently began the process of planning a dedicated Home Theatre. The room in question is approx. 10'wide, 12'long and will employ a 7.5' drop ceiling. Leading into the theatre will be a 4 to 5 foot wide hall designed to house equipment and DVDs. You can view the proposed layout on Wes' website (Wes, if you are reading this, maybe you can provide a link).

Currently I am getting quotes on a Sanyo Z2 with a 92" Da-lite screen. I am also looking to buy new speakers...in particular, the Athena ASB2s (2 or 4) R-1 (2) and C-1 (2). I am not sure if that will be overkill with the dimensions of the room. I haven't settled on a receiver/amplifier or subwoofer yet, but I figure those items can be determined once the room is complete.

So here are my questions:

1) i am thinking of carpeting the floor and the bottom third of the walls (good or bad idea?)...should i carpet the entire wall(s)?

2) does anyone have an opinion on the sanyo z2 with regard to the room dimensions and/or the athena speakers.

3) i was planning on employing a pocket door to close off the room (i really don't have the room for a door that swings) ... good or bad idea?

4) if i put movie posters (framed with non reflective glass) on the side walls (3 on each) will this improve or distort sound?

i know this is a long post, but finally,

5) can anyone recommend a subwoofer(s) set-up for this room


Derek Sutherland
Midland, Ontario


Second Unit
Jul 20, 2003
My room is just a bit longer and narrower than yours (9x15)

1. Carpet will provide limited high frequency absorbtion. Won't really help or hurt accoustics, will not help soundproofing at all, if that's your goal.

2. Don't know.

3. Pocket doors don't provide much soundproofing (again, if that's your goal).

4. Framed Posters will reflect sound and are detrimental to sound quality, (though they won't distort sound) Careful positioning can minimize this effect, but three on each wall, IMHO, would be too much. (I am probably going to put one on each side wall)

5. I purchased a single SVS Plus series cylinder (20x39)
Sep 14, 2004
Thanks Chris,

I appreciate your advice. I will probably make an effort to cut down on the framed posters and I will definitely check out the Sub you mentioned. Please let me know if you have any advice on what has worked in your theatre room.

Does anybody else have any suggestions?

I am especially interested in hearing from those members with theatre rooms with similar dimensions (small) as mine.

Thanks again,

Conrad Ebel

Aug 19, 2003
My room is fairly small (12x16) and I carpeted the lower half of the walls with indoor/outdoor carpet from Home Depot. It turned out great and really helped to deaden the room acoustically. The couches also seem to absorb lots of sound.

The Sanyo may work, you'll need something with a pretty short throw if you want to get a 92" screen in there. I was looking seriously at the Z2, but decided on the SP4805 instead. If I were you, I would also consider the Z3 and the Panasonic 700U as well. The 700U is suppose to have some smooth screen technology that allows lets you sit closer to a large screen without losing picture quality. This is especially great for smaller rooms. I will consider something like it when I upgrade projectors in a few years.
Sep 14, 2004
Hey Conrad,

Thanks for the input. I took a look at your theatre room and will steal your carpeting scheme...Home Depot here i come. I also took into consideration your comments about the sanyo z2 projector. I think I am just going to make it. The literature i read suggests that the distance required from the screen to the viewing area be 1.6 X the width of the screen....with a 80" wide screen I will be sitting as far back as possible to avoid the "screen door effect".

thanks again for the help

anyone else able to review my room?? any input is greatly appreciated


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