Home Theatre meltdown?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Mike Romo, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Mike Romo

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    Feb 14, 2000
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    hi all--

    It's been a long time since I have visited; it's nice to be back. I am having a whole host of problems and I fear the summer heat in New York City (Hot and humid) might be cause. Let me explain:

    - I have a Sony DVD player, the S570D which went on the fritz LAST year (the Red and Blue component video chips (not the part but basically that's what they were) stopped working. Sony replaced the chips and sent it back to me free of charge. Cool, but still weak that it happened in the first place. About 45-50 days ago, my component video dropped out again. I know it's not under warranty, so I am planning on replacement with the Toshiba SD-5700 because Sony is irking me so. So, I switched the output to S-Video and it worked fine. then about 3 weeks later, the S-Video stopped working and now I am using composite video out. So, I figured it was the planned obselence that my buddy warns me about.

    - Then I got Digital cable last week and was pleasantly surprised to see it came with S-Video out (and digital audio out) so I have been piping my cable directly into the Video-1 S-Video port. Nice.

    - But tonight nothing is coming through the S-Video input! It was QUITE HOT (91 degrees + humidity) today, so I am wondering if perhaps the heat has been the cause of all this? The TV is Toshiba CZ3251, which I have loved.

    Last summer my amp stopped producing output out of the subwoofer port but 5 months later it start working again. Perhaps these things might come back as well (actually, the sony is going out the window, but still).

    Sorry to ramble, but I was wondering if any of you experienced this kind of thing.


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    Apr 2, 2000
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    Hey Mike i know a friend of mine who had a similar problem with his Onkyo Receiver, don't remember the brand but i can tell you this Receiver was pre DVD era equipment but the
    Jacks on the back depending on the heat would work fine 1 minute and out the next. so i have seen the problem but as far as how to fix it? my friend bought a new Sony oddly enough hasn't had the problem since.

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