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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by DrGhunghroo, Feb 16, 2010.

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    http://static.hometheaterforum.com/imgrepo/b/b9/avatar-60-1.jpg[/img]][​IMG][/img]Hi All,

    I have two different setups in my home.

    - In our family room we have Pioneer Plasma (with own receiver PDP-4360) , Samsung Blue Ray, Directv, Dishnetwork and Bose Lifestyle 12 for audio.

    - In Basement we have a Infocus Projector, 110" screen, Denon AVR-2807 with Paradigm speakers, Samsung DVD player, Directv.

    Physically family room is located right above the basement, already have holes to pass the cables.

    Since we only use one of the two setups at any given point of time I would like to cut down upon the extra Directv receiver, use the existing BlueRay player in both places and be able to watch the Dishnetwork channels in either place. Denon lets me do two zone speakers so I am thinking I will use the Bose speakers in zone2. I will have to split the signals for Directv, Blueray and Dishnetwork. I am attaching the diagram I did in visio.

    I will appreciate any suggestions.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm sure there will be a bunch of people along with great suggestions.

    One question. Will the Bose speakers work with the Denon receiver? I've never had a Bose system, but it strikes me that their speakers have proprietary connections and specs and are often incompatible with other receivers. I'm not certain...but it's something you may need to investigate.
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    Jason Charlton
    Does the DishNetwork box have an HDMI output?

    If so, then you essentially will have three HDMI sources - DirecTV, Dish, Blu-Ray - that you want to share between two displays.

    Perhaps something like this 4x2 HDMI switch would work? It only has an IR remote control, so to operate from both locations, you may also need to incorporate an IR repeater system.
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    i agree with both Jason and Mike's suggestions and also have some comments. Mike first, the bose lifestyle speaker system should be usable with the denon rcvr. the bose lifestyle speaker system uses line level inputs that go into the subwoofer, then spkr level output out of the subwoofer to the 5 individual speakers. so the sub could be connected to a tape output or zone output of the denon rcvr. but you would not be able to do this if you want surround sound in that area, unless the denon had 5 discrete outputs for LCR and LS and RS spkrs. when i checked the denon AVR-2807 information (www.usa.denon.com/AVR-2807-OM-English-EU.pdf), it does indeed have discrete line level outputs for the six different channels (including subwoofer), in addition to the line level zone 2 output.

    then Jason's suggestion to use a small matrix switcher for HDMI may be the only way you can connect the 3 HDMI sources to use on 2 monitors. however, this may or may not work. if the matrix switcher is capable of handing out the"keys" for EDID info, then it may work, if the source components have enough "keys" to hand out. (some sources only have a few "keys", others have plenty) if not, then the matrix switcher may not be the solution, because it may use one of the "keys" for itself. theoretically, it should work, but with the fickle nature of HDMI it may not. and unless you know how many keys your sources can hand out, it may or may not work. it might be a case of try it and see. worst case it won't work. almost worst case, it may work for a while, then stop. best case, it will work without the HDMI problems.

    another very important factor is cable length. remember, HDMI is good for 7 meters, and up to 10 meters (30 feet). if your wire length is more than 10m, you're asking for trouble. (actually, there are devices that can be added that will allow HDMI to operate at lengths over 10m). and finally, to address the use of IR commands for the matrix switcher, a good remote control system (like the URC MX-880, or MX-3000 with the additional MRF-350 IR/RF box) can solve the problems of hiding equipment that are not in the "line of sight" of the IR remote control.

    hope this helps.

    good luck. and remember when the DIY fails, hire a CEDIA professional. it will more than pay for itself.

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