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Dec 23, 2006
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Greenberg Bill
Hello, Guys! Im not sure if i posted in the right section..

(Off Topic
Nice to see such enthusiasts in the Home Entertainment System's.
Im also an Enthusiast, Computer Hardware, Overclocking/Benchmarking etc..)

I need some help i need to make 3 areas in my "new" house where i can watch TV's..

Ive got no idea what to get though..

Room 1 im looking for (50"+) Inch Plasma i have no idea what brand to get. I dont care about the price but i dont wont to buy it for the name e.g. Bang&Ollefsen or Lewe (dont know how to spell it) I heard all the components used in the above brands are Philips.. So you just pay for the name and they are way to expensive just for the name... imo
Room 2 (42"+) LCD or Plasma
Room 3 (32"+) Lcd or Plasma

I think i need a "budget" 5.1 sound system dont know what though i dont need it cheap i need it good but i dont need it expensive big crazy sound on it cause i watch TV's Maximum sound of 17 so i dont care how good it can sound when you put it on blast cause im not gona watch it on blast.... I need the speakers to be small but good sound i dont wont to "waste" space with big speakers.

Also what shall i get BluRay HD-DVD whats all this stuff?? Will normal DVD's work on BluRay&HD-DVD?? Can i connect both to one TV? If yes im gona get both of them then is that a good idea?

I wont to get like best of the best TV's
Good Sound
Very Good HD-DVD & (or) BlueRay

Well I explain to noobs what PC's to get when they ask similiar questions. Now you explain to me im the noob here

How much should my budget be $10 20 30 40 grand?????

Ed Moxley

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May 25, 2003
Eastern NC
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So, you're more interested in video, than sound?
You're gonna spend big bucks on a 50" plasma, and a "budget" sound system?
I'm just the opposite. I'd like a big tv, but I'd rather have a 13" tv, and very good sound, than have a big tv, with just ok sound.

Here is a very good speaker system, with small speakers and an excellent sub: http://www.svsound.com/products-sys-sbs_black.cfm If these are too expensive for you, just go to Best Buy or Circuit City, and find small speakers, that sound good to you. An entry level surround receiver can be had for around $300. You can get a Pioneer or Sony HTIB system, at Wal Mart, for around $400, that includes the small speakers.
Good luck!

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