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Jan 9, 2021
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I'm running a Denon AVR X-4000 with Onkyo THX-certified theater reference surround speakers... yeah that sounds good till you realize it's HTiB speakers (I think they are https://www.onkyousa.com/product/sks-ht993thx/) which has been ok but it's time to grow up. Someone said Elac, everyone said avoid Klipsch until you listen to them. I went to my local Best Buy and he said Elac was muddy and shit, KEF was good but too spendy, Klipsch was too bright (he might've got that right) and told me the only way I'd be happy is Martin Login. And just my luck he could make me a deal. Everything I've read or seen online says Elac is really solid so I am on the fence with the Uni-fi 2.0 L/R floor standing model and center or KEF Q750's with center. I'm hoping to throw my stimulus check away and getting the 3 speakers and not going crazy overboard (so staying around $1500). Maybe later this year or next I'll do the sub and rears but not today. Am I wrong? Should I go with the martin login's or am I missing a brand I should be looking at instead?
Thanks for all you help.


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Jul 13, 2003
I don't think it's wrong to upgrade from the center to fronts to surrounds. I remember looking years ago at that Onkyo HTIB but thinking I was dealing with a finished basement 900 Sq. Foot room and I thought floor standing speakers were better. I didn't have a big budget so I bought the entry level Fluance setup for $500 less the sub. I thought the system was good for the money, but the highs and mids would fall off from the center speaker. If I turned up the system to hear the voice better the system just emphasized the bass more and I'd have to turn down the system again
Fast forward to today Bestbuy didn't have a soundroom to really compare speakers so I was left with salesperson bias or comparing online with what people thought.
I ended up upgrading recently to the Fluance reference center speaker to match my current system and this speaker immediately jumped my system up 2 fold. After auto balancing my speakers, I can turn the volume up and the highs and mids are really clear. I imagine the floor standing reference speakers are just as equal to the center. The new center is twice the weight and size of my old center. It still needs to be broken in more but I'm liking it more and more
So what I'm saying is big box stores salespersons will only sell you their spin, if you try to articulate your needs they don't understand. Audio stores are a thing of the past because people listened to their equipment, then went home and bought the same thing online. I went with online speakers because I got more bang for the buck and read alot of peoples opinions. Quality in speakers usually comes from the more you spend the more you get.
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Jan 15, 2021
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I'll just throw this out there. Your BB sales rep lost all credibility with me for stating that Elac is "muddy and shit". What an asinine statement.

Watch some reviews of the Elac Debut 2.0, Debut Reference and Uni-Fi 2.0 speakers, particularly Audiophiliac, New Record Day and cheapaudioman on youtube. Take a look at Amir's review on ASR of the DB Reference. And listen to all the recommendations you'll get here for the Elacs. I am really happy with mine.

I'm not familiar with the MLs, they may be great, just have no experience with them. I owned a pair of Klipsch Cornerhorns back in the 80's so I get the horns, but today's HT offerings from Klipsch are significanlty different from those cornerhorns and are not what I want to hear. Just me.

If you have a large space the towers make sense. If not, I would consider the bookshelves with a good sub now. Good luck in your search.


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Aug 18, 2001
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No point listening to BB sales drones. They aren't paid enough to know that much or offer good advice, especially on quality audio gear (and setups).

Martin Logan used to be a high end, audiophile boutique brand (amongst a several others) I used to dream a little about back in the early 90's, but seems like maybe they're starting to follow down the road of mainstream marketing hype a bit (while retaining and making the most of a particular chic inherent in their stylings) like various other brands before them. Not sure if they're still quite as good as they used to be, but certainly doesn't seem as good value as the ELACs...


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Dec 16, 2002
When I listened, the ELACs sound a bit bright but not bad. The KEFs sound a bit chesty but are smooth sounding. Martin Logans seem more neutral than both of them and more sensitive. I'd look harder at Martin Logan than the others. Both the ELACs and KEF have what I consider lower sensitivity and will require a lot more power than the Martin Logans, or other speakers.

I owned Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX powered speakers for the computer. They were loud, with a lot of detail, but bright and fatiguing after a while listening. Not a big deal for a computer as not much else came close in good sound quality but for music listening, on a TV system or stereo system, I'd pass. I've listened to the Klipsch Reference and Reference Premier speakers and they are very bright as well, and not natural sounding to me. Others love them as my Father-in-law just bought a Klipsch soundbar and loves it.

Whatever you buy, don't mix main speakers and the center channel brand. Make sure to match the center channel speaker with the same brand and series main speakers or they won't sound right when sounds pan across them.

Hope you find what you're looking for.

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