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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by JoshRedline, Oct 5, 2005.

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    I just bought the Panasonic S29 DVD player, and I want a Home Theater System w/o integrated DVD. How is this Yamaha (YHT-160)? It seems like it has alot of features.


    Before I was considering the Onkyo (HTS580).


    Is the Yamaha superior? I want alot of cool features and good enough sound quality to play my movies, watch tv, and listen to good quality sounding music. I am 16, so this is for my room and I don't need a huge amount of power.

    Does the DVD player make a difference in sound quality and will the Panasonic S29 work well with both of these systems? Also, will I experience good sound and surround sound by watching tv shows? Last question, whats the best connection from a DVD player (coaxil, component video, s video, etc)?

    Thanks alot guys and sorry I couldn't give a direct link because it wouldn't allow me.
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    The two systems look comparable but I don't have any experience with either. The Yamaha specifications indicate two component video inputs while the Onkyo information shows none. If you have a monitor with component input and want to connect two sources by component video that might make the Yamaha the better choice. Both brands offer some good equipment and both offer some cheap junk. Without first hand experience with these systems it is difficult to make a recommendation but both Best Buy and Circuit City have a good return policy if your first choice performs poorly.

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    The Yamaha is listed as having 3 digital inputs -vs- 2 digital inputs on that Onkyo, the component video switching sounds nice on the Yamaha but it may not be good enough to switch HDTV, hrad to say.

    I like the Onkyo HTIB's, but would probably be inclined on the Yamaha with this one.

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