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    Jun 13, 2002
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    I've been doing research for a home theater for several months now. I've spent most of my time looking at plasma monitors. I haven't spent any time thinking about sound.

    I was prepared to buy a Bose system. I didn't know any better. I was given a demo at a local sound store. They tried to convince me not to buy the Bose equipment.

    They were trying to push Totem Acustics(dream catcher?) and Mirage. I never heard of either. Could someone shed some light on these products or an information location.

    I'm hoping to make a purchase this week.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Brian Burgoyne

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    Jan 9, 2001
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    Well, they are both very good companies and heads and shoulders above bose. Do a google search for some reviews and then let your ears do the talking. (well, that and your wallet) You should also go to some other stores for an idea to see what else is out there. Don't rush.
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    I have recently sat down to personal listening session with speakers from both Totem and Mirage. In My Humble Option (IMHO) both brands far outshine anything from Bose for both HT and 2 channel stereo.
    On that note here is a bit more...I recently purchased a pair of Mirage OM-10-1's after returning several other pairs of speakers. IMHO these are excellent speakers. I am using them in a stereo setup and they have a wonderful sound. After I torture test them for 100-200 hours (this is for break-in) they will surely be joined by 2 more Mirage OM10-1's and the OM-C2 or C3 center speaker.
    Don't take this as a full fledged endorsement of totem or Mirage system's. What I love about the Mirage OM's is they are Omni-polar. Which fill up my 12x 22 listening area with Audiophile quality sound. That is with music across the board. From Jazz, to Hard Metal, to Classical.
    While this area of audio/video choices can be a very personal decision. I would advise you of two things that seem to be held in universal opinion on this and several other HTS forums.
    1. Bose systems have been getting a very bad rap for the last few years. This is mostly due a perception of the more knowledgeable on this forum that Bose speakers leave much of the sound spectrum unrendered. (The Acousti-Mass mini systems especially). Bose aslo has a very aggressive legal team (ask the JBL contingent here) and will step on any smaller competitor who should set foot in their territory.[​IMG]
    2. Bose has long depended on their superior Merchandising to appeal to the mass market. Put, a Mirage or Totem speaker infront of an audiophile and you will hear words like, soundstage...solid high's...even across the spectrum...and tight bass. These are not attributes of the Bose speakers. One caveat here is with the newer floor standing speakers from Bose. And, they are well overpriced (IMHO)! [​IMG]
    Last, listen for yourself. If you like Bose, then buy Bose. Me, I will be enjoying my Mirage system![​IMG]

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