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Discussion in 'Displays' started by admbrs28, May 21, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I am in the process of renovating my finished basement and plan to put a home theater in it. I know there are alot of variables when deciding upon the correct projector, but I was looking for a nudge in one direction or another. This room is large so I do have flexibility in the placement of furniture, screen, and projector. The room can easily be darkened and the walls will be a grey color. I am looking for a large screen, preferably over 100" and trying to stay under $1,500 for the projector, but can exceed that budget if the choices in that price range are sub-par for what I am looking for.

    It seems to me that the choices in my price range are primarily the BenQ W1070 and the Epson 3020. Since there are no stores around here that has a display projector aside from a Sony VPLHW30ES, I will need to rely on reviews and advice. I thought the picture on this Sony was excellent, though VERY pricey. I currently use a 50" Pansonic Plasma TV in my living room, I assume both these projecters would exceed the quality of a typical Plasma Tv, correct?

    Having the option of 3D is important to me as well as watching movies and sports. Does anyone have suggestions as to a more appropriate choice for my basement? Like I said, I am very flexible in placement of furniture, screen, and projector. The room will be quite dark as well. Any advice on a projector screen would be appreciated as well (I would like a motorized screen and the Favi/Elite screens on Amazon are a good price). I would like to keep the projector screen to under $300.

    Hope this is enough information to get some suggestions. Thank you for your help in advance.

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    Projectors, in order of cost/videophile quality areLCD at the bottom, and tend to be the cheapest projectors. I'll never own one.Next you have DLP. Better in every single respect over LCD...except in brightness...which is a moot point.Then you have D-ILA/LCoS. People who want a good picture(like me) will pony up the money.

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