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Sep 8, 2017
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Here is a simple breakdown of my components and how they are connected.

First, the audio problem.
When I watch something from the apps on the TV I get a periodic cracking sound in the audio (no break in the video). I should mention that when I set up the ARC the TV instructions told me to set the type of digital audio out and gave me 3 options.

Auto1 - output compressed without change
Auto2 - output compressed for multichannel content w/o change
PCM - output always PCM

I have it set to PCM and I get the (often) periodic cracking. If I set it to either of the others, the cracking is replaced by silent breaks just as often.

I have solved this issue by turning off the ARC and just running an optical cable from the TV to the ONKYO. Now the sound is good.

Is it worth it to trouble shoot the ARC problem or will any gains be so small that I should just leave it be and keep the optical cable?

Second, video quality questions.
The ONKYO has video upscaling (which I have set to AUTO) and now that I have a UHD/4K capable TV, what upscaling is possible and how do I take advantage of it.

I would assume that if any upscaling was possible between the cable box and the ONKYO it would just automatically do it.

However, I have options when watching through smart apps. The Blu-ray player has all the apps that I generally use and the video from that runs through the ONKYO so is any upscaling possible if I use the apps on it rather than the TV's apps?

I prefer the tv apps just because they respond much quicker than the blu-rays. Not sure why the apps on the blu-ray are so sluggish.

Thanks for any help/advice

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