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    Hi everyone. I'm moving and I need to get rid of most of my system. I'm buying a house and will be adding on my own home theater room, so I plan on buying all new components and speakers. This is what I've got. I live in carpinteria, ca, it's about 10 miles south of santa barbara, so I'd rather keep the sale of the TV and the mains semi local, as to avoid shipping. I need some help on pricing some things. This is the system as it stands now.
    Sony KV-36FV26 FD Trinitron screen
    Sony STR DA777es Dolby digital/dts reciever
    Pioneer Elite CLD 79 Laserdisc player
    Pioneer RFD-1 dolby digital demodulator
    Sony DVP 7700 DVD player
    Infinity Overture 2 main speakers
    Infinity CC-3 Center Channel
    Infinity RS3 Rears
    Infinity BU-120 Subwoofer
    Just wondering what I could get for everything? Once I figure out prices and stuff, I'll post everything for sale. Thanks everyone!
    -Michael Johansen
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