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    Gabe Wonders
    Hi Everyone!

    My Problem:
    My 8 year old Denon AVR-1602 5.1 Receiver has just died on me. The receiver turns off by itself after seconds of being on. I did some troubleshooting and narrowed it down to the hardware and don't believe it is worth repairing such an old receiver when the cost of a new one would be the same or cheaper.

    My Current Setup:
    Two Sony SS-MF-400H Tower Speakers, 12" Sony SA-WM500 Subwoofer, all were connected to my Denon AVR-1602 reciever. 42" Dynex LCD HDTV, Samsung BluRay player, xbox 360 elite and HTPC (laptop). All use HDMI except the laptop is DVI to HDMI. My HTPC is used 80% of the time. I recently moved to an apartment where the living room spans 20'x12'.

    My Alternatives:
    1. Hook up my computer speakers (Klipsch ProMedia 2.1). Since the laptop doesn't have HDMI output this will require me to split the sound between the HTPC and the TV. I am currently doing this and notice a lot of static when I have both plugged in and therefore manually plug in/out an aux cord from the tv (headphone jack) to the Klipsch multimedia port when I need to listen to the Xbox or BluRay player.

    2. Buy a new receiver.

    3. All my equipment is dated by new receiver and speakers.

    I'm leaning towards a 2.0 or 2.1 setup due to my small living room and plan on living in an apartment for the next 4 to 5 years. I also live upstairs and don't really need a lot of bass to annoy my neighbors.

    What's your suggestions? Do you have other alternatives? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Gerald LaFrance
    Yes I 2nd the accessories for less. they are Authorised for the brands they sell. I bought my Marantz from there years ago and it has been flawless in its performance and such a good deal I get it for less then half it's original price ;)

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