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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by msnkishore, Aug 26, 2012.

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    I live in Bangalore India and I wanted to buy a 5.1 home theater for my media room. I live in an apartment. The dimensions of my room are
    11' X 14'9". There room has one common wall with adjacent flat. I am looking for on-the-wall mounted speakers as the interiors for the room are done with that set up in mind. I recently bought LG LM6800 (55" 3D smart TV). My budget for the home theater is 1500 - 2000 $. Please note that the prices here are much higher compared to those in the U.S. I had bought the LM6800 TV here for 2700 $ whereas its only 1200 $ in the U.S.
    Below are the options that I have right now.
    1. Denon 1312 XP 5.1 Home Theater System (110w X 5, 100w SubWoofer) for $ 571
    2. Polkaudio blackstone TL1600 5.1 Speaker package (100w X5) with Denon 1612 AV Receiver for $ 944
    3. KHT2005.3 100 W, Satellite HTS with HTC Active Subwoofer System (200W, Class D Amplifier) with Denon 1612 for $ 1428
    4. Jamo A102 HCS - 3 with sub 210 (60w X 5) for $ 714 and Denon 1513 for $ 535
    5. I have not yet seen any other models but onkyo, yamaha and pioneer are the other options I could look into.
    I need to buy blu-ray player too which would be around $ 300 - $ 400 here. Denon blu-ray player is around $ 500.
    Right now I am mostly inclined towards option 3. I am looking for the home theater that would give most value for my money.
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    The speaker part is very subjective. Are you going to like the Jamos, over the Polks over the NHTs? Try to listed to as many of them as you can. I would look at the pricing on a Panasonic 3D Blu-ray player. They are great and I bet you will save a bit over the Denon.

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